Quilter Insulation

External Wall Insulation

How it Works

External wall insulation is carried out by mechanically fixing a layer of insulation to the outer wall of the structure. This insulation is covered with a protective mesh and weather‐tight render which is extremely durable and has high impact resistance. This render can come in a number of colors or finishes all of which being of the property owners choosing.


  • External Wall Insulation can be applied with minimal disruption to the tenants indoors
  • External Wall Insulation will transform the appearance of the properties outer walls and improve the walls ability to withstand the elements
  • By protecting the properties brickwork the lifespan of your walls will be increased
  • During the process the gaps & cracks in the brickwork will be filled, which will not only improve the properties aesthetics but also reduce drafts
  • External Wall Insulation will save energy and reduce the cost of your heating bill by up to 40%